Each year we are met with new trends in technology, education, research, and healthcare that shape the next year of innovation. I have collected the top 15 trends for 2019 and reported them here for you. With each trend, I have included a tip on how to integrate this trend into your daily professional life.

  1. Data Metrics – Become data-savvy and integrate meaningful crisp insightful data into your work.
  2. Autonomous Things– Spend time finding ways to automate your own work and process flows.
  3. Return on Investment – Include a pay-off paragraph in every email, what does your boss get out of it?
  4. Less Social Media – Pull back from social media, post only the most relevant and poignant information.
  5. Streaming – Find alternative ways to present content such as storyboarding or wideos.
  6. Social Purpose – Brand your professional life in an authentic way with a little bit of humor.
  7. Communication Skills – Refresh your email etiquette and emotional intelligence.
  8. Gamification – Build a reward system (badges, leaderboards) into your project management plan.
  9. Learner-Centric – Focus less on the content and more on the learner’s experience during meetings.
  10. Digital Delivery –Communicate more through the cloud, Office 365 Teams/SharePoint, less emails.
  11. Process-driven –Build an adminsitrative support system around an efficient and accountable process.
  12. Asset tracking – Consider the lifecycle: maintenance, use, repair, transit, and storage of all new purchases.
  13. Drones – Look at the big picture to see the end goal and then zoom into the details to prioritize. 
  14. Privacy and Ethics – Reign in the gossip and guard your tongue.
  15. Microservices – Think of your job as a strong platform to support smaller component services that can be sold individually as needed, in other words, be flexible but incredibly organized and convenient.