I have always been one of those people that has to know “how?” How did they do that? How does that report get generated? How can we make this process better? And as a result, I write everything down and tuck it away for future use.

If you could open my brain, you would not find reports or maps, you would find detailed checklists and bulleted instructions. So, when I entered the field of Research Administration—the one profession in the world with more acronyms than the American, British and Russian militaries combined—I began to write. I would write the how’s—how do you plan a project, how do you find research funding, how do you succeed on a Federal grant?

And thus evolved my “I Do Grants” blog where everything is accounted for, where things are explained in detail, instructions are provided, and vocabularies explained. The goal of this is to simply pass along my knowledge of how Research Administration and Project Management works, and hopefully—give you a pool of ideas to make your life easier, and to help you to remember to love the work that you do.





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